Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free SMS!!!!!!

Here is the list of some of free SMSes websites.I know you guys could get these by searching it on Google,but when you Google it,you get hundreds of such sites.i have short listed some of the best websites among them.all the following websites are working and I have personally checked each one of them.

1. mGinger
Well this website allows users to send 80 characters SMS anywhere in India.It also pays users for referring  i.e. you get PAID for inviting your friends.For each referral that joins and verifies his/her number,you get Rs 2. I know thats really less but 'something is always better than nothing' right?
mGinger also allows users to download coupons which can be used to get DISCOUNT at various stores all over India.

2. YouMint
Just like mGinger even YouMint allows its users so send free messages anywhere in India up to 80 characters.And just like mGinger it also pays you for referring people.It also pays you for reading emails, yes you read it right.it pays you for reading Emails.Besides this the website also has some interesting games,so you can just play those whenever you are bored and really don't have any thing else to do.

3. ways2sms
Unlike the above two websites this does not pay the users.This website allows the users to send messages up to 140 characters which is really good and just 20 characters less than the normal messages you send on your mobile.There are no ads in the SMSes that you receive from this website,majority of the free SMS sites have and ad at the end of the messages.So according to me this is the best SMS site in the lot.


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  3. Very good tips .Thanks for sharing.

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