Thursday, November 5, 2015

Are you fine?

Shaan and Zeba shared an ideal relationship; the kind that is usually found only in novels. The bond and connection they had between them definitely made a lot of people jealous. He used to surprise her with sweet presents every now and then; small things that brought more to the plate than money could ever get. She made it a point to cook something delicious for him every fortnight(cooking being one of her strong point). Those occasional dinner dates and long drives were icing on the cake.

It was one of those random dinner dates,  but there was something usual about it. Shaan wasn't his normal self. He seemed a bit lost and blank. All of Zeba's questions were answered in nods and one word answers. It kind of scared her and out of concern she asked,  "Are you fine?"

Am I fine?  Do I look fine? Isn't it pretty evident from my face that I'm not okay? Can't you understand such a simple thing? I'm not even sure if I should bother with what's eating me up.  Even if I do,  I'm not sure how you'd react to this. How you'd react when I tell you my life is a mess. I'm about to lose my job just because of some stupid office politics. How things will be messed up when our parents find out about us. I'm so fucking uncertain about our future. I'm clueless how I'm going to manage things and people. I have no fucking idea what I'd do if I lose my job? 
Why are our lives so fucking complicated Zeba? Why can't things be simple? Why can't we honest about everything? I mean I so want to tell you how things are,  but I can't. Why don't right words come to you when someone asks you how you feel? Are we so bound by these social obligations that we can't even answer this? Why do you think one cannot answer how he feels when asked the same? Is it because of the fear that the other person might not understand him? Is it because he thinks he'll be judged? Is it because he's scared to lose them? Fuck,  this is bad! Why Zeba why? What's the reason for all this??

Leaving all those questions unanswered,  he simply smiled and said,  "I'm okay,  Zeba. It's just that I had a long day at work."

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ajeeb si zindagi...

Aaj bhaithe bhaithe humare zehan mein ek khayal aaya, yeh zindagi bhi kitni ajeeb hai.

Jis phool ko chahte hai, 
ussi ko sabse pehle thodte hai.

Jo maa bachpan se sab kuch karti hai, 
usse hi bhudape mein chhodte hai.

Jo zindagi bhar pyaar karne ke kasame khaate hai,
wahi log dil thod kar chale jaate hai.

Log kehte hai jaan dene ke liye tayar hai,
musibaat aate dehk unhi logon ka boriya bistar tayaar hai.

 Zindagi bhar dosti nibaane ke waade dete hai,
aur ek choti si galat faimi ke wajaj se  dosti tod jaate hai.

Jo zindagi bhar wafa karne ka wada karte hai,
wohi log aaj nazrein milane se katrate hai.

Dusro ke jeene ki wajah ban'ne wale,
khud khuda ke ghar chale jaate hai... zindagi bhi kitni ajeeb hai

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Places and people.

As he climbed the steps of the beautiful fort, he felt that he been to this amazing place earlier. Those carvings, those name written on those walls reminded him of the beautiful memories he had at the place. The place brought some really good times he had. The view from the top of the fort was enthralling, beach and sea at one end and the amazing valley at the other end. His mind was blown by the beauty of that place.
Well that wasn't actually the only reason. He just couldn't understand one simple thing, he just failed to understand how he knew the place so well. He had never been to that place ever, yet he had some really amazing memories. Memories and the times he had no idea about. And this wasn't the first time that had happened with him.
A similar thing happened to him when he was on some mountains of the Himalaya, very slight snowfall, the beautiful morning light, and chill, the trees. Everything seamed so similar. Not that he didn't like it, it brought a smile on his face, a beautiful smile that could just light up her world.Was it deja-vu or was it something else. He was somehow just nostalgic to places he has never been too.
 And it was not just places, he felt he knew those people too. He felt he had a connection with everyone, a deep connection, something that was just not explainable. Seeing all those people around him gave him some kinda comfort. He felt safe with them being around him, it somehow gave him a pleasure which he could understand why. he was in love with those people, those whom he never met. They were somehow better than the people he knew, those who hurt him.
He was nostalgic for places he has never been and in love with people he hadn't met.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

India needs Dexter Morgan

I'm pretty sure most of you know who Dexter Morgan is. For those who don't, Dexter is a fictional character of a series of novel by Jeff Lindsay that was adapted into a sitcom somewhere in 2006. His day-time profession is 'Blood Spatter analyst' and he is a serial killer by night. The difference between him and other serial killers is that he follows certain principles and ethics.  He kills only people whom the system have failed to catch. He basically kills people who deserve it.

 Now that you have a idea who is he, you might be wondering why I suddenly came up with this topic.
Well, I'm pretty sure everyone has a idea about the recent Delhi rape case. How brutally those bastards did what they did. I am actually kinda ashamed to say I'm a part of this country, where the entire system is so screwed up. Where all these rapists just roam around freely. One of the major reason for this is the low rate of conviction and the overall punishment, just 7 years. Yes, just 7 years for ruining and making someone' life miserable.

Actually, its not just about this Delhi case, there are thousands of rape cases pending. Many of them are even not reported, all thanks to the society we life in and 'Logon ko pata chalega toh isse kaun Shadi karega and hamari izzat ka kya hoga' attitude. And, then again, people don't report cases just because most of them aren't solved. The rapist just roam like lions in a jungle, waiting for their next prey. The entire thing is really disturbing. And, rape is one of the crimes, there are thousands of cases pending.

What should we really expect from the government? Nothing. Because many politicians themselves have cases pending. Cases of rapes, murders, scams. How can we even rely on someone to save us when they themselves are a part it. They randomly release rapist(5 rapists were released in Pratibha Patil's tenure) and in the last 8 years, online one convict has been hanged, why??? What exactly was she trying to prove there? These people didn't deserve death?? They didn't deserve death for ruining someone' life??
 All these questions will just be unanswered. All these politicians will say, "We condemn it" and they'll forget about it. We really can't trust on the system anymore, we just can't.

 We need someone who can clean this country, clean it for good. These criminals deserve only one thing, death, a painful horrible death. We need someone who can do this for us, someone on whom people can rely, someone they can trust will make sure they aren't hurt, someone whom these criminals will be afraid of. We need someone like him,Dexter Morgan.

(These are personal views, many of you might not agree. I wrote what I felt should be done. It may make me sound like an extremist, but it is worth it.)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Plot: A city is destroyed by fire breathing dragons for all the gold, the treasures hidden there. Wizard Gandalf invites 13 dwarves to Bilbo Baggins house and create a mess and ruckus which Bilbo didn't like at all. Gandalf somehow tries to convince Bilbo into joining them on the adventurous trip to get back their homes, the mountain, guarded by the fire-breathing-dragon. Bilbao is reluctant to join them, but later somehow agrees. Then, begins the journey, the beautifully photographed locations, those fights, the amazing background, the chemistry between Bilbo and Gollum, someone you is too cute to hate and the battle and fight with orcs and finally getting the house.

The Good: The enthralling journey, beautifully created sets and amazing cinematography just takes you to a totally different world.

The Bad: The only problem with the movie, it was slow at times. The movie required to be slow at times, but they went overboard at times.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5. Definitely recommended for the amazing journey it takes you to.

(I know this is really late and kinda short, but it basically gives you a idea of what the movie is about and whether you should go for it or not.)

Lost and Confused

It was a Saturday night, all of them were at this pub for a friends birthday, pretty drunk and high. And, there he was sitting at one corner, wondering was he the only one you wanted some isolation or were there more people like him, longing for isolation.
 He realized, in-spite of being in a room full of people he knew, he was completely lost. He just didn't feel at ease. All he did, was pretend that he really enjoyed it and everything, everyone meant something to him. He pretended to be a part of the group, deep down he detested it. He wanted to break free, but he just couldn't. It was all so weird.
He knew, he wasn't the only one wearing the mask. Everyone around him were, hiding what they really were, trying to be someone they never could be. They all pretended, just like him, trying to show the world that they were a part of it. They probably didn't realize they were pretending, they were lost. But the fact was, they were.
He, unlike others wanted complete solitude. He realized, the people around him would not stand-up for him when he needed them the most. All of them just made false promises, promises that where meant to be broken. The only person that would always be by his side was the person standing in front of the mirror. He was the only person, he could possibly trust. They only one would cry when he cried.
Those isolated lonely sleepless nights made him realize who he actually was, it revealed the true person in him. At times, he wanted to get away from this, he wanted to be with people. But, he was afraid, afraid of the pain, the scars, the tears, the dejection it brought.
He was confused, he wanted a way out. He just couldn't.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love, amazing? NOT

It was a cold winter night, he was walking down the empty streets, shivering, with a cigarette in his hand and those memories on his mind. The only sound that could be heard was that of the dogs, howling with sympathy in their eyes for the poor lonely soul. Only thing he was left with, those  amazing moments, the moments he had with her, someone who meant the world for him. The time he spent with her, each second, he vividly remembered. And there was this one trip he just couldn't ever forget. The best trip of his life.
He had made sure that everything was just in place, perfect, something that she would never forget. He blindfolded her, and led her to the car for the most amazing thing she could have ever imagined. He sung to her, her favorite songs. That 3 hours journey felt like 3 minutes.
Here they were, at a private beach, with a perfectly set up tent with the colors she loved. Perfect food, great music at the background, the orchids and that setting sun, with its rays on her beautiful face, made him fall in love all over again.  Amazing black, long hair, with some strands on her face. Those beautiful black eyes, deep, filled with emotions. They could just take anyone to a totally different world. And that pretty smile. It could just make anyone' day.
Everything seemed perfect. The  sound of the waves with the whistling of air made a perfect melody for the moment. Their eyes locked, words lost, souls talking to each other.
She: I've never seen anything better than this. Its the most beautiful thing I've even seen.
He: It isn't. You are the most beautiful creation the almighty has ever created.
*she smiled and he was just lost in her beauty*
They came closer, they could feel each others heartbeats, the came even closer. Lips locked passionately....
And BAM, he is brought back to reality with the burn of the cigarette, eyes filled with tears. He lit another one, and was again lost in his world.