Thursday, December 31, 2009


The first thing I do every morning,I check my blog(i.e. after I started blogging).And i get really excited when I see someone commenting on my blog(I know it may sound a bit childish but can't help it, just started blogging!!!).So when I clicked on my blog this morning i was really happy, had two new comments!!!! This is the comment I got
'Very good tips .Thanks for sharing.

Please check this post you have been tagged.'

Its not that I was disappointed or anything on seeing this.I actually went blank for few seconds.Well that was because I really didn't knew there was something called tagging in the blogging world too,I thought people usually tagged each other only on facebook and orkut(these are the only two social networking sites that i visit frequently).So now that I am tagged let me do the things that I am supposed to do when someone is tagged.

Seven things about me:
1. I have never made any new year resolutions but this year i am planning to hit the gym and lose some weight.

2. I am really addicted to my Blackberry,it is an amazing phone.Will soon write a blog reviewing the phone.

3. I still love watching Tom and Jerry(I am 19 now)

4. I am doing engineering and i might leave it.

5. I am addicted to flip-flops 

6. I'll go to Shimla for my IV very soon.

7. I am really bad at football,cricket, actually every game.

Now here are the rules you should follow when someone tags you:

1. Write 7 things about our self, also mentioning the person and their blog that tagged you.
2.Pass the tag to 7 unsuspecting victims to do the same.
3.Leave a message on the persons blog  you are tagging informing them of the tag.
4.Keep your fingers crossed that the tag does not come back to you!!!  :smile:


  1. You are a good blogger. Keep blogging!
    For better writing, focus on the everything you want to think and think deeper.
    Good Luck!

  2. Thank you appreciating my work.
    And I'll try to follow your advice.

  3. You have an easy thought flow..its one of the reasons that makes your blog post different!!

    Happy Blogging :)