Wednesday, December 26, 2012

India needs Dexter Morgan

I'm pretty sure most of you know who Dexter Morgan is. For those who don't, Dexter is a fictional character of a series of novel by Jeff Lindsay that was adapted into a sitcom somewhere in 2006. His day-time profession is 'Blood Spatter analyst' and he is a serial killer by night. The difference between him and other serial killers is that he follows certain principles and ethics.  He kills only people whom the system have failed to catch. He basically kills people who deserve it.

 Now that you have a idea who is he, you might be wondering why I suddenly came up with this topic.
Well, I'm pretty sure everyone has a idea about the recent Delhi rape case. How brutally those bastards did what they did. I am actually kinda ashamed to say I'm a part of this country, where the entire system is so screwed up. Where all these rapists just roam around freely. One of the major reason for this is the low rate of conviction and the overall punishment, just 7 years. Yes, just 7 years for ruining and making someone' life miserable.

Actually, its not just about this Delhi case, there are thousands of rape cases pending. Many of them are even not reported, all thanks to the society we life in and 'Logon ko pata chalega toh isse kaun Shadi karega and hamari izzat ka kya hoga' attitude. And, then again, people don't report cases just because most of them aren't solved. The rapist just roam like lions in a jungle, waiting for their next prey. The entire thing is really disturbing. And, rape is one of the crimes, there are thousands of cases pending.

What should we really expect from the government? Nothing. Because many politicians themselves have cases pending. Cases of rapes, murders, scams. How can we even rely on someone to save us when they themselves are a part it. They randomly release rapist(5 rapists were released in Pratibha Patil's tenure) and in the last 8 years, online one convict has been hanged, why??? What exactly was she trying to prove there? These people didn't deserve death?? They didn't deserve death for ruining someone' life??
 All these questions will just be unanswered. All these politicians will say, "We condemn it" and they'll forget about it. We really can't trust on the system anymore, we just can't.

 We need someone who can clean this country, clean it for good. These criminals deserve only one thing, death, a painful horrible death. We need someone who can do this for us, someone on whom people can rely, someone they can trust will make sure they aren't hurt, someone whom these criminals will be afraid of. We need someone like him,Dexter Morgan.

(These are personal views, many of you might not agree. I wrote what I felt should be done. It may make me sound like an extremist, but it is worth it.)

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