Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lost and Confused

It was a Saturday night, all of them were at this pub for a friends birthday, pretty drunk and high. And, there he was sitting at one corner, wondering was he the only one you wanted some isolation or were there more people like him, longing for isolation.
 He realized, in-spite of being in a room full of people he knew, he was completely lost. He just didn't feel at ease. All he did, was pretend that he really enjoyed it and everything, everyone meant something to him. He pretended to be a part of the group, deep down he detested it. He wanted to break free, but he just couldn't. It was all so weird.
He knew, he wasn't the only one wearing the mask. Everyone around him were, hiding what they really were, trying to be someone they never could be. They all pretended, just like him, trying to show the world that they were a part of it. They probably didn't realize they were pretending, they were lost. But the fact was, they were.
He, unlike others wanted complete solitude. He realized, the people around him would not stand-up for him when he needed them the most. All of them just made false promises, promises that where meant to be broken. The only person that would always be by his side was the person standing in front of the mirror. He was the only person, he could possibly trust. They only one would cry when he cried.
Those isolated lonely sleepless nights made him realize who he actually was, it revealed the true person in him. At times, he wanted to get away from this, he wanted to be with people. But, he was afraid, afraid of the pain, the scars, the tears, the dejection it brought.
He was confused, he wanted a way out. He just couldn't.

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