Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love, amazing? NOT

It was a cold winter night, he was walking down the empty streets, shivering, with a cigarette in his hand and those memories on his mind. The only sound that could be heard was that of the dogs, howling with sympathy in their eyes for the poor lonely soul. Only thing he was left with, those  amazing moments, the moments he had with her, someone who meant the world for him. The time he spent with her, each second, he vividly remembered. And there was this one trip he just couldn't ever forget. The best trip of his life.
He had made sure that everything was just in place, perfect, something that she would never forget. He blindfolded her, and led her to the car for the most amazing thing she could have ever imagined. He sung to her, her favorite songs. That 3 hours journey felt like 3 minutes.
Here they were, at a private beach, with a perfectly set up tent with the colors she loved. Perfect food, great music at the background, the orchids and that setting sun, with its rays on her beautiful face, made him fall in love all over again.  Amazing black, long hair, with some strands on her face. Those beautiful black eyes, deep, filled with emotions. They could just take anyone to a totally different world. And that pretty smile. It could just make anyone' day.
Everything seemed perfect. The  sound of the waves with the whistling of air made a perfect melody for the moment. Their eyes locked, words lost, souls talking to each other.
She: I've never seen anything better than this. Its the most beautiful thing I've even seen.
He: It isn't. You are the most beautiful creation the almighty has ever created.
*she smiled and he was just lost in her beauty*
They came closer, they could feel each others heartbeats, the came even closer. Lips locked passionately....
And BAM, he is brought back to reality with the burn of the cigarette, eyes filled with tears. He lit another one, and was again lost in his world.

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