Monday, July 19, 2010

Mumbai Police

I know most of you think Mumbai police is totally incompetent and they never do their work seriously or efficiently(thats what I thought until this incident)...Our college doesnt allow us to park our vehicles inside the college premises(the campus is really really big), so we have to park it outside the of my friend had a yamaha r15 and just like any other day he parked it outside...only to find it missing after college...he was really sad...just for fomality he had complained to the local police and he was sure and so was I that he wouldn't get his bike had almost been 3 months since that happened and he had almost forgotten about it when he got a call from the police station that they found his bike and he needs to come and collect his bike..though 3 months is a long time but they finally helped him get his bike(his love) after this incident Mumabi Police has earned some respect for sure...

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